2+1 Tandem/Family Kayak


This light-weight kayak is ideal for two people or a family to use for leisure or fishing.   It has 2 + 1 seat design which is suitable for two adults and one child to use.  Choice of colours available.


Length: 370cms/12.14″

Width: 86cms/33″

Depth: 40cms / 15.75″

Max loading weight: 300kg/661lbs

UV-resistant: 8 degree


Standard parts:

  • 2 x round hatches (diameter 20.5cm)
  • Water drain cover
  • 6 x waterproof plugs
  • Bungee
  • Front hand and stem handle
  • 2 x side handles with paddle fixed bungee


2+1 Tandem/Family Kayak